Federal Loan Options

Federal Loan Options

Federal Consolidation Loan

Consolidating Your Loans is Quick and Easy with ScholarPoint's Online Application – Want more cash in your pocket? By consolidating your student loans with ScholarPoint you may be able to reduce your monthly student loan payment by up to 63%. With ScholarPoint’s interest rate discounts you will also save thousands in interest costs and pay off your loan faster. Experience the ScholarPoint Advantage – save time and money by consolidating your student loans today. Get Started >

Am I Eligible? Questions to Ask Yourself:

Am I done with school, or will I be done in the next six months? Do I have multiple student loans? Are the loans I have with the same lender or different lenders? Do I have Direct Loans through the federal government? Our online application will guide you through these questions and you can also find additional information in our FAQs. Both students and parents are eligible. Start an Application >


An ideal time to consolidate is while you are in school or during the grace period immediately after graduation. Consolidating your student loans during your grace period will provide the benefits of a lower interest rate. If you are past the grace period and in repayment, you can consolidate at any time. Based on the information you submit on the application we will set up your funding to maximize your grace period and in-school benefits.

What do I Need?

Having the following items will help to quickly complete the online application:

  • Personal information (such as date of birth, address, phone, driver's license, and email).
  • Reference information - Names, addresses, and phone numbers of two references.
  • Current loan information** - Loan type, loan holder, approximate interest rate, and balance.

**Note: To find which lenders currently hold your student loans, start your application and authorize us to retrieve this information from the National Student Loan Database System.